Extrusion and machining


We work according a set process, not only in our extrusion factory but throughout our organization, with respect to all the products we manufacture and supply. 

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Extrusion up to 12 meters long, in different types of aluminum.

Aluminum extrusion

Some details:

20 extrusion lines incl. a 2600MN 

Mechanical polishing


Electrolytic coloring

Electrophoresis coating

Powder coating


Own laboratory



Product photos

Below some of the products we manufacture for existing customers.

Coating line

On the left our full automatic powder coating line. Profiles up to 6 mtr length will be automatically powder coated and dried.

Maching parts

Machining parts are manufactured according the drawings of our customers, it is their design, needed as a finished product or part of an assembly. We are able to manufacture in almost any type of metal required. Besides the raw material flexibility, we can also arrange the heat treatments or any surface treatment your require. Our engineers are able to help with creating manufacturing drawings if they are not available. We have an in-house quality system in place to guarantee the required quality. Below and on the left some examples of products we manufacture and supply.

bolts 4
bolts 6
bolts 2
bolts 1

We are able to supply you with extrusion products, casting products, machined products as well as sheet metal products and fasteners.

We are looking forward hearing from you.