KS-Components is your gateway to China

We are manufacturing different types of products all according the required quality systems to ensure a good quality product.

We believe that we can provide not only a good product but also the service our customers might expect from a European supplier.

The fact we are located in China is an advantage due to the short lines with manufacturing and communications with our partners locally. This does not only benefits us but also our customers.

We manufacture:

          - Aluminum extrusion profiles

          - Aluminum casting products

          - Steel/Stainless steel machined products

          - Sheet metal products

Besides above products we are able to supply insulation products for floor, ceiling and wall insulation or insulation for ventilation channels within the HVAC market. 

         - Rubber foam blankets

         - Glaswool with an aluminum backing

         - Pre-insulated panels incl. alu. profiles

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Aluminum extrusion and coating factory in Zhejiang


Due to many years of experience while working in China, we know exactly the bottle necks which can occur when you purchase from a long distance, in China. With our expertise, knowledge and understanding of the European standards and quality expectations, we are able to supply you and at the same time astonish you with our overall performance. Having a qualified lead auditor to guard the quality and an experienced team to support you, we believe we are able to do that extra step that is required. Just try us out and amaze yourself.


Our mission is to become a strategic partner for our customers, being an integral part of their supply chain supplying products and service.


Our vision is to provide our customers with a level of quality products that exceeds their expectations. We accomplish this by being genuinely concerned about our customers needs. We are motivated to achieve the impossible and to serve our customers with the best care. Our focus is continuously supplying according our customers needs and their demands.



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  • Sourcing/purchasing
  • Quality control
  • Logistics





  • Our sales team can assist you in English, Dutch, German and Chinese